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Goody Two Shoes Award

Goody Two Shoes 2011

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2011 Award Recipients:

Food, Clothing and Shelter.  Helping provide for these basic needs is a mission that is taken on by soup kitchens, clothing banks, and shelters and we felt deserved our gratitude.  We picked our favorite shelter in CT and, now that we’re in Hawaii, our favorite in Honolulu too!  $1,500 donations were given to each of the following :

If you have nominations for this year’s recipients or hate the awards that have been made in the past, please send an e-mail to

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Goody Two Shoes 2010

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2010 Award Recipients:

Managing growth of a company is critical.  These donations were made to companies that I transitioned to other “Geeks for Good” (associates and friends in the tech business) to make sure that the “one man band” model did not get overwhelmed.  I also made a donation to ease with the transition:

If you have nominations for this year’s recipients or hate the awards that have been made in the past, please send an e-mail to

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About Goody Two Shoes Award

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In addition to the financial contributions made to a number of its nonprofit customers each year, Geeks for Good picks out companies that may or may not be customers yet are deemed deserving of monetary support to further their important mission.   This award stems from our corporate goal that a portion of the net income from this for-profit company should go to further the cause of worthy nonprofit companies.
Make no mistake.   This is an extremely subjective process and winners will receive compensation based upon how well Geeks for Good is doing that particular year.   We’re just trying to make things better and help out agencies that are trying to do the same.

2009 Award Recipients:

The following contributions were inspired and recommended by my children:
Rob suggested a donation to UNICEF (anybody remember the days of Trick or Treat for UNICEF?) so we contributed $2000
Susie suggested that we should honor of our long-time friend and associate, Mike Weber, we make donations to his favorite charities this year, so awards of $500 each were made to these agencies:

2008 Award Recipients:

The shenanigans on Wall Street have wreaked havoc on the country and the world’s economy.  One of the more infamous scams brought down The JEHT Foundation and stopped the flow of funds to their grantees.  To help two Connecticut-based nonprofits that were grantees, awards of $2000 each have been made to these agencies:
Connecticut Juvenile Justice Alliance – The mission of the Connecticut Juvenile Justice Alliance is to reduce the number of children and youth entering the juvenile and criminal justice system, and advocate a safe, effective, and fair system for those involved.
Center for Children’s Advocacy, Inc. – Their mission is to promote and protect the legal rights and interests of poor children who are dependent upon the judicial, child welfare, health and mental health, education, and juvenile justice systems for their care.

In addition, many other nonprofits have been and will be hit with funding cuts because of the economic downturn.  Two in particular have been hit hard and early and therefore receive awards of $1000:

CT Community for Addiction Recovery – The Connecticut Community for Addiction Recovery (CCAR) promotes and puts a positive face on recovery through advocacy, education and service to end discrimination surrounding addiction and recovery, open new doors and remove barriers to recovery, ensure that all people in recovery and people seeking recovery be treated with dignity and respect.
The Children’s Law Center of CT– The mission of the Children’s Law Center is to protect the interest of indigent children in family court and to advocate policies, which advance their well-being and best interest.

2007 Award Recipients:

Awards of $1500 each to these Hartford-based agencies:
Literacy Volunteers of Greater Hartford – Knowledge is power and the ability to read is the way to gain knowledge.  For over 35 years, LVGH has been empowering residents with the ability to read and write.
Connecticut Fair Housing Center – Who stands up for the little guy to make sure they are treated fairly?  These lawyers with a heart are there to fight against housing descrimination for Connecicut’s poorest residents.
Award of $1000:
Holcomb Farm Learning Center – A quite place in West Granby to get in touch with nature, your creative side, and remind our children of what life can be like without technology.

2006 Award Recipients:

First Place award of $1500 goes to:
Save Our Environment – What is probably the greatest challenge facing our planet over the next decade is how to address global climate change and   change the way we interact with the planet to reduce or hopefully reverse the effects of the changes   the industrial revolution have   brought about.   Even for those that won’t recognize the reality of global warming, the things that the experts tell us we can do to reduce it can only serve to improve the health of our planet.   Sounds like a win/win to me!
Runner-up awards of $750 each go to:
Hartford FoodShare – Helping feed the area’s hungriest and helping nonprofits help feed the area’s hungriest.
Connecticut Public Interest Research Group – These are the people that walk the neighborhood on Saturday morning and knock on your door that AREN’T Jehovah’s Witnesses.   Their goal is to educate citizens to help bring about positive change in Connecticut.
If you have nominations for this year’s recipients or hate the awards that have been made in the past, please send an e-mail to
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