But it looks so simple…

Just like it is with a computer, web sites and domains have a lot going on behind the scenes to make them work.  There is a great deal of complexity behind obtaining and maintaining a domain name, getting a web site designed and published, making sure e-mail gets where it needs to go, and keeping all this running 24/7/365.  We’ve partnered with a few good companies to make sure this can happen for you and, as a result, feel confident offering the following services:

Domain Name Registration

Secure a new .com, .net or .org domain name
Fee: $25 plus $50 setup charge

Domain Name Renewal

Annual renewal of name so that you can continue to use it
Fee: $20/year (multi-year discounts available)

Basic Web Site

We’ll work with you to setup a simple 5 page site using WordPress that should meet the needs of most small business customers.  No additional software is required as we are using a web-based Content Management System that you can use yourself after the initial design is complete to continue to maintain the site.  The site you are looking at was designed with these software tools.
Fee: $1500-$2500

Fancy Web Site

This is for customers who’s needs are not met by the basic site as defined above.
Fee: Customized to your needs
*NOTE: Here’s the Legal Stuff – Terms and Conditions of all this