Apple Mac Connecting to Server 2008R2 Term Server

So, the issue is that Windows client computers connect fine, but Mac computers’s get an error that appears to be a licensing error We’ve seen this cause an issue that appears to be a licensing issues but seems to fixed with a newer version of the RDC software on the Mac.

We found this newer version of the Mac RDC Client seems to fix the problem.

So, here’s the drill… on your Mac:

  1. Download the file above and save it somewhere you can find it
  2. Double-click it to install extract and open up the RDC installation program
  3. Double-click the “RDC Installer”
  4. Click Continue, Continue, Agree, Continue, Install and enter the password for your Mac when prompted, etc. until it finishes the install.  After this, there should be an icon for the Remote Desktop Connection on your Dock at the bottom of the screen
  5. Click the RDC icon in the dock to launch the software, and in the box that appears, for “Computer:”, type the name of your remote server
  6. At the login prompt, “User Name” is your login ID to the network, usually first letter of your first name and your last name or the prefix to your e-mail address; Password is the one you use to login to the network, and Domain is the one the office uses
  7. Click OK, and then Connect to the message about the Certificate and that should get you in. 

Hope this helps!